School Reviews

This school is absolutely phenomenal. I love that the school starts from age 3 up through 12th grade. The curriculum is exceptional and I see a change in my 14 y/o ninth grader. I also have a PK student enrolled and I was especially pleased on how smooth her transition to school has been. E.L. Haynes fosters an environment for all learning styles and is truly committed to the success of all it's students.

I have an eighth grader whom has attended since 3rd grade. Teachers have excellent communication with the parents regarding the students and the academic study is well defined. The staff is able to keep my childs attention which is why missing school is never an option. El Haynes also does an excellent job on keeping the students focused and prepped for college.

This is our sixth year at the school - our kids are in 3rd and 6th grade - and we continue to be impressed by the positive and supportive school culture, the engaging academic program, and the wonderful diversity of the student body. Almost all of our teachers have been very good - with a number that have been truly outstanding. In particular, we have been really pleased with sixth grade. Along with math, reading, social studies, science, world language, and PE, middle school students take rotating electives of art, music, and robotics. Our son is taking Arabic, which has been a great experience; the other language option is Spanish. Lots of after school sports options. Our kids are being challenged academically and they are building friendships with kids from all different backgrounds.

We can't believe how lucky we were to win a spot at ELH this year. Teachers are inspired, parents of all socio-economic groups are engaged, students are kind and motivated, expectations for all students (and parents) are high, leadership is smart and responsive, communication between school and home is excellent, the facility is beautiful and getting better everyday. Honestly, it feels like a private school and I can't believe it's publicly supported. My daughter loves school and is thriving at ELH.

Top notch school, the entire staff is like a breath of fresh air, from the janitorial crew, nurses, security guards, front office, principals, to the head of the school, and I have to mention the amazing teachers, the class sizes are small, and you can tell the teachers and the teachers fellows really love their jobs! My son loves his school, and he is learning and doing exceptionally well! It's indeed a blessing to go off to work and not have to worry about your child, I know he's in a loving, safe and nurturing environment.

Our son is at the Haynes early childhood education campus and we couldn't be more pleased. The student-teacher ratios are better than at most private schools (3 teachers per class, with sizes increasing from 21 at pre-k to 25 at 2nd grade) and the teachers are, as far as we can tell, truly high quality without exception. Parent involvement is very high. The school is quite diverse along all conceivable measures, and everyone really pulls together to offer the children the best education and overall school experience possible. Our son loves going to E.L. Haynes and is doing wonderfully there.

I have no worries when I send my children to school because I know that all of their needs are being met--academically as well as emotionally. My children thrive at EL Haynes. The teachers are the best and most caring people you'll find anywhere. They meet each student where he/she is, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach that you find in most schools. I cannot say enough about this school. It's wonderful!

Our son is in pre-k at EL Haynes and he has loved every moment. The teachers are outstanding, the commitment of the leadership impressive and the facilities welcoming. I love the 'specials': dance, music, art, Spanish and PE. They ahve at least one a day if not two